Akarsh Exports has a rich history which began in 1988 with substantial accomplishments and strength which is a testimony to the position we have in the industry.
Akarsh Exports sources their requirements for roughs from an official rough supplier(s) ensuring that rough diamonds procured are Kimberly process compliance, monitored stringently throughout the value chain thereby maintaining process integrity and customer confidence. We adhere to best practices principle with a commitment to quality and transparency in business.
Each diamond manufactured at Akarsh Exports goes through a chain of technologically advanced processes carried on by a team of highly motivated and skilled craftsman that manufacture a diamond with un-compromising quality and stringent testing with the use of high-tech machineries ensuring no-compromise in the quality.
Attention to detail, use of advanced technology followed by years of experience in the industry. We offer diamonds ranging from 0.30 to 3.00 carats in weight and D to M colors. Diamonds produced at Akarsh Exports are certified by internationally renowned Gemological laboratories like GIA and IGI.
Honesty, accountability and transparency are some of the building blocks which portray Akarsh Exports from its competitors. In-house R&D strengths, ethical practices and service-oriented approach makes Akarsh Exports one of the preferred supplier and manufacturer.
Akarsh Exports has a Sales Manager who would be present to assist you in any queries and/or requirements. Further facilitating the business, Akarsh Exports has its website which acts as a universal point-of-sale to our clients.
Yes, all our diamonds are natural in every respect, and cut to high standard. We do not sell laboratory or man-made synthetic/cultured diamonds. We do not sell any clarity-or colour-enhanced diamonds of any type. Therefore you dont have to worry about being sold a laser-drilled, facture-filled, high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) or irradiation colour-enhanced diamonds.
Yes, we source all our requirements of roughs from official rough suppliers and always ensure that all the rough diamonds procured are Kimberly Process compliant and are stringently monitored throughout the value chain, sustaining process integrity and ensuring consumer confidence.
Yes, we deal in certified diamonds. Our core product ranges from 0.30 to 3.00 carats in weight and D to M colour and IF to I1 in Clarity.
Most of our diamonds are certified by internationally renowned grading laboratories like Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) & International Gemmological Institute (IGI) in addition to our in-house quality grading certification.
Akarshexports.com offers the clients a platform to view the current inventory of stock with a complete detail for each and every diamond making it easier for the client to search for the required diamond. Inventory is updated upon availability of the new stock.
Yes, you are welcome to physically inspect the online selected diamonds with a prior appointment which helps us prepare and in-turn serve you better.
Yes, we have our stock listed on major online diamond trading Portals such as Rapnet.com, Idexonline.com and diamondworld.com.
We strictly follow a "Fair Policy" for all our diamonds listed on akarshexports.com. Each of our diamonds is priced fairly on a regular basis taking into account market conditions and through in-depth research.
We do not entertain return-back policy for our Diamonds sold. We try and make sure that the client is well-versed with all the possible information about each diamond purchased. We also request all the customers to carefully select the preferred diamonds and ensure all the buying requirements are met before confirming the purchase order to avoid any discrepancies
We regret that at the moment, we are not offering any such services to our clients. But our R&D team is currently working to develop a system, where you can actually put your selected diamond "ON HOLD". But till then, if you seriously want to hold any particular stone then, please do contact us and we might consider your request.
The website has a feature called "Diamond Request" which helps us cater to your requirements. If the Diamond you wish to order is not available in the inventory we will notify you upon the availability of the requested diamond to the earliest possible time.
We dont provide such facilities due to technical difficulty and confusion on priority issues. We can still consider the option if given proper justification and technical support.
Our sales team would be in touch with you to resolve any queries which may arise before or after the purchase in order to serve you better. When dealing with international clients it might take some more time to revert back because of the time difference between the two countries.
Each client is initially asked to fill out our standard 'Know your client' form and then further checked for business registration and authenticity through references. All of our client's details are filed properly to allow smooth transactions for future purchases. We also allow our clients to use us as a future reference to other companies.
All Prices displayed are based on advance payment terms only. Advance Payment should be made by bank wire transfer to our beneficiary bank account within four working days from the date of re-confirmation of an order.
A bank wire transfer is a transfer of funds from your bank to ours. Once you authorise your bank to release the funds, they will give you a swift XXX number (like an order tracking number). They will also contact our bank (the details of which will be given to you). Only when you have authorised the funds and our bank confirms the receipt of the payment in our account only then we will we start the process of shipping the goods to you. Using the bank wire system ensures that everyone involved is a responsible party.
Yes, we deliver to countries worldwide. The customer has to take care of legal as well as custom formalities in their respective country.
You can reach us between - 10am to 6pm Indian Standard Time (4.5 + GMT Summer Time) Monday to Saturday. Our stock is available live 24/7 on akarshexports.com and any queries online shall be reverted as soon as possible.
Kindly remit proceeds by T/T or SWIFT as per the following instructions:
BENEFICIARY BANK : INDUSIND BANK LIMITED Opera House Branch, Indusind House, Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar Marg, Mumbai – 400 004
Note:While making remittance please always quote beneficiary’s name, account no. & name of beneficiary bank & swift code.