About Us

With what started as a small business by the Visionary Mr. Vinay Doshi who had an insight and vision to grow and take then newly formed Akarsh Exports to the next stage in the years to come. With the passion and a yearning to grow with a constant improvement and commitment to quality, advanced technology and impeccable workmanship is what has made Akarsh Exports what it is today.

Today, we are proud of the heritage we have been following with the level of growth we have achieved is a result of commitment, vision and unmatched quality instilled from the Visionary Mr. Vinay Kumar to his young and dynamic sons and entrepreneurs

Mr. Miten and Mr.Mehul which has what made Akarsh Exports spread its wings and operate in major Diamond markets all over the world.

As it is said 'We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit' which is what can be said for the family which is closely linked to the business it was time when business grew and scale new heights and bring-in the young and dynamic Go-Getters who could transform the business from the existing stage to a newer platform which is when in 1989 Akarsh exports was born.

Akarsh Exports was incorporated in the year 1988 by the visionary Mr. Vinay Doshi and his two sons come into business and spread the wings to achieve success. Mr.Miten Doshi, elder son to Mr. Vinay Doshi and a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate by qualification took a step forward and went for a training to process Rough Diamonds at Tel-Aviv, Israel to learn diamond manufacturing from Irish masters who are considered one of the best and most advanced, on the other hand Mr. Mehul who is a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate too mastered his skill for polished assortments, administration and valuation part of the business.

The business now had two strong pillars which would add success and bring glory to the existing setup. Akarsh Exports introduced new technology and setup new machineries which would help bring quality with consistency and at the same time lower the time duration taken in the production process. Akarsh Exports today is equipped with auto and manual polishing machines. The company is advancing with each new stage and process with the change in time thereby being transparent to the clients and the employees who play a major role behind the success where Akarsh Exports stands today.

Akarsh Exports believes in working with consistency in quality which is achieved through technologically advanced microscopes and micrometres scientifically assessed with a tolerance of 0.05mm tolerance.

Akarsh Exports portfolio consists of variety of Round brilliant diamonds ranging from size 0.30 points to 2.00 carats, colours from D to M with a clarity ranging from IF to SI 2 along with XXX to fair makes holding fancy shapes like Pear, marquises and cushion shaped diamonds in selected range of products with the highest quality.

As a testimony to the belief in producing the finest standards, all of the Diamonds produced acquire the highest international ratings like GIA, IGI certifications which demonstrates the validity, quality and calibre of Diamonds produced by Akarsh Exports.

It is incredible to see fast paced growth in the world economy with India being in the spotlight. Growth in the Indian economy is rapid with the true emergence of the middle class which has been the driving force for the domestic market at an exponential rate which has never been seen before.

With the fast paced economy and the increasing competition in the Diamond Industry Akarsh Exports has been leaping the steps forward to expand and reach the un-reached possibilities in the Diamond Industry and believes in understanding the customer needs and serving them in all aspects of the business. With the ongoing growth phase, we have never lost the sight of our vision.

Akarsh Exports has potency in innovating and sheer dedication in creating a wonderful crafted product is what makes us stand out from other Diamond manufacturers.

With the emerging markets like India and China the size of the Diamond jewellery buying target group is expected to grow by around 6.8% on compound annual growth rate (CAGR), from the existing 33 million to 65 million consumers by 2015 (as projected by Datamonitor report). With the strong growth in the economies and increasing disposable income, emerging middle market segment would help drive the demands for luxury goods like Diamonds which is where Akarsh Exports seeks to tap the emerging markets and take the organisation and the industry as a whole to new heights. We are confident that through our new initiatives we will carve out a strong position for Akarsh Exports in the business area.

To provide the customers with the best of the Diamonds by being transparent and committed to the customers and business partners who can help us grow. Constant innovation with un-matched quality is what Akarsh Exports aims for in the product and services offered to the customers.